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The powerful business tool ensuring a state or region recieving the maximum return on investment from supporting visiting journalists, VIPs or trade person groups

All financials are able to be tracked through Visit‐Tracker™. It records all the invoices, documents and budget information and compares it to the value of the publicity generated to determine the return on investment from sponsoring a visit.

Visit-Tracker™ provides efficient logistical support to domestic and international visits. As your marketing departments continue to have a constant inflow of visits it will allow you to easily manage increasing visits.

By having a more efficient and robust enterprise system to manage visits, Visit‐Tracker™ allows your state or region to improve its professional image by producing higher quality itineraries, and efficiently managing the visitor experience.

It is a web-based system which allows users to access and share information relevant to a visit, greatly improving communication within the department and to stakeholders.

All data is recorded by Visit‐Tracker™ – the story output, the tourism operators and regions. It also records extensive information on the journalist or VIP themselves, including the organisation they work for and different trade groups.

  • Web‐based management tool
  • Supports your Visiting Journalist Program, VIPs and trade visits
  • Better manages customer experiences
  • Meets individual government needs
  • Utilises market intelligence information more efficiently
  • Reduces labour resources by a simple to use system

The Visit‐Tracker™ home page is a user-friendly interface. From here, amongst other functions, users can add, track and manage:

  • People
  • Organisations
  • Publicity
  • Visits

Reports are readily accessible and your assigned visits are just one click away.

The Search function works like a Google type search, providing staff with functionality with which they are familiar.


Case study –

Tourism Western Australia

Tourism Western Australia (TWA) is a statutory authority under the portfolio of the Minister for Tourism and is responsible for promoting Western Australia as an attractive holiday, event, convention and incentive travel destination, both nationally and overseas.

Tourism Western Australia’s objectives include:

  • Improved quality of visitor experiences
  • Securing the future of regional tourism
  • Growth of visitor expenditure
  • Accelerated development of Aboriginal tourism
  • Influence major infrastructure priorities and attract private investment
  • Build recognition that tourism and events enhance the unique WA lifestyle and support the natural environment

The challenge

When Tourism Western Australia undertook a review of its functions and structure to ensure delivery against the objectives of its strategic plan, it sought to differentiate its products against that of its competitors, alongside raising awareness of tourism’s impact on the environment.

These combined issues required a system with greater monitoring and measurement capabilities to determine precise outcomes, thereby informing and assisting strategic decision-making.

The solution

Visit-Tracker™ allows TWA to monitor and maximise its return on investment in a number of ways:

  • All financials recorded through Visit-Tracker™ (including invoices, documents and budget information) are compared to the value of publicity from sponsoring a visit
  • The system provides efficient logistical support to domestic and international visits, which allows TWA’s marketing department to increase its volume of visits
  • The professional image of TWA has been enhanced by production of higher quality itineraries and overall management of the visitor experience
  • The web-based system allows users to access and share information relevant to a visit, greatly improving communication within the department and to stakeholders
  • An increase in data captured and recorded – including story output, tourism operators and regions, and the journalist or VIP themselves, (including the organisation they work for and different trade groups represented)

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