Visit-Tracker is a powerful visit management tool which supports your end to end business processes. It has been specifically designed to provide your organization with higher productivity, improved information capture and management, yield reporting and stakeholder management.

Visit Tracker will assist organisations managing visits involving Tourism Famils, Trade and VIPs and/or Trade and Economic Development organizations involved in inward investment or export related activities.


  • Web-based management tool
  • Meets individual government needs
  • Supports and improves your Visit Management processes
  • Utilises market intelligence information more efficiently
  • Better manages customer experiences
  • Reduces labour resources

Monitor and Maximise the Return on Investment

All finances are able to be tracked through Visit-Tracker. It will record all the invoices, documents and budget information for tracking and/or yield management reporting.

For Tourism Organisations, Visit-Tracker will also track the overall return on investment from supporting certain delegates or organisations, so you can determine which delegates or organisations are providing you with the most value.

Save Time

The system provides efficient logistical support to domestic and international visits. As your Visit Managers have a constant inflow of visits it will allow you to easily manage increasing visit volumes. The web interface allows international managers to log in to the system and enter draft visit, delegate and organisation details. This prevents the double entry of data, therefore reducing time. Even junior staff are able to assist in the role of organising visits as all the steps and procedures are already in place. Consequently, Visit-Tracker saves you time and effort.

Improve Your State or Region’s Professional Image

By having a more efficient and robust enterprise system to manage visits, Visit-Tracker allows your state or region to improve its professional image by producing dynamic, higher-quality itineraries, and efficiently managing the visitor experience. Flexible and efficient reporting allows easy access to any management information required.

Visit-Tracker will automatically generate brochure-quality itineraries for the delegates and guides, including full-colour pictures and background information regarding the areas at which they will be staying or visiting. Itineraries can be customised for each delegate if they will be participating in different activities. You can also include extra information that is only applicable to either the delegate or guide.

Improve Communication

Visit-Tracker is a web-based system that allows users to access and share information relevant to a visit, greatly improving communication within the department and to stakeholders. This means you will always have the latest version of events in a single source. Visit-Tracker also gives you the ability to book and confirm bookings via email. All email correspondence and attachments can be recorded, as well as other relevant documents. This centralises all relevant booking and visit information.