Lands-Tracker is an advanced web-based platform which combines your:

  • Geographic/Spatial information sets: reserve boundaries, land information, threatened species, indigenous heritage sites, tracks, pests, etc; with your
  • Relational databases: permits, leases and licences, interpretation, capital works and maintenance works management, funding and budget management, visitor statistics, other research, etc.


  • Manage a proliferation of complex data and information
  • Improve your decision making capabilities
  • Leverage the expertise of your employees
  • Use the system wherever and whenever a web connection is available
  • Provide visibility of linked relational, spatial and temporal datasets at all levels of the organisation
  • Single point of access for all park management tasks and information
  • Integration with other enterprise systems

Next Generation, Web-Based Systems

Lands-Tracker’s web interface makes it very user friendly. This ensures high levels of user acceptance as it has the same look, feel and features as a normal web browser – with which nearly everyone has had exposure. Lands-Tracker is a next generation component based business system, using web technologies.

Key benefits of this technology and approach are:

  • Minimises risk through the use of structured methods
  • Focuses on business processes and needs rather than technology
  • Easily tailored to individual requirements
  • Ability to re-use components, which will lower the cost and shorten delivery time if additional functionality is required
  • Portability – reflecting the fact that government departments restructure over time.

Being a “thin client” lowers the cost of IT support, as no software needs to be loaded onto PCs. As long as the user has access to a web browser, they can access the system.

To enable easy‐to‐manage staged rollouts, it is a modular environment with customised modules available, such as:

  • Commerce (for contracts, leases and licenses) – supports contract management of leases and licences operating throughout a reserve system as well as other types of contracts. It manages financial relationships and condition inspection protocols. This module includes: e-commerce billing, transactions, invoice style billing, bulk invoicing and all associations with contract inspection monitoring.
  • Permits – enables geographical overlays of permit types applicable in various areas. This module allows for ease of navigation through complex permit related queries and enables online e-commerce permit facilities.
  • Works – provides an integrated view of all works activities whether they are planned, funded, scheduled, completed or outstanding. The system consolidates the strategic information, identifying underlying reasons for the works tasks (ie. management of plans, statutory codes, etc). This provides decision makers with a strategic view of budget against actual financials needed to carry out works programs across all projects and programs. It also supports systemised budget needs assessments. At the coal face, works teams can see prioritised league tables of work tasks allowing lead logistics to be mixed with strategic prioritization to support the optimum use of available resources. The easy to use, context based, web interface ensures activities are undertaken in priority order, leading to high quality outputs and an increased ability to meet project management “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs).
  • Bookings – supports e-commerce based online booking of natural and cultural experiences, with in-built visitor quota management, and a web-based interface designed to help create values in the community and amongst consumers.