Grants-Tracker is an end-to-end Grant Management system. It automates all workflow, documents
and processes associated with the management of a grant.


  • Grants-Tracker gives key grant staff the flexibility to configure the entire grant process. All aspects of the grant process and it's related workflow can be customized.
  • Applicants are given the ability to apply, track and plan their applications via their own secure public portal.
  • External reviewers and partners can collaborate with Internal staff to complete the review and assessment process through the public portal.


  • Web-based Management tool
  • Developed specifically for Government
  • Manages the full life cycle of grants, loans and commissions
  • Saves time
  • Reduces administration costs
  • Provides a single point of contact for grant applicants
  • Provides better access to grant and loans application history, to aid due diligence
  • Improves investment decisions
  • Provides enhanced reporting and management
  • Has flexible workflow capabilities

Records All Details from Application to Acquittal

Grants-Tracker is a comprehensive data storage system which will record all details from an application through to acquittal. Using a flexible work flow, it enables you to easily add new approval structures for each grant, loan or commission project. It includes information about who is able to approve projects and who has approved projects. Grants-Tracker automates the grant administration and planning process.

The Grant Process

Improved Due Diligence

Grants-Tracker enables improved due diligence for allocating grants. You are able to determine if a person has previously received a grant or loan and the reasons – even if the person is applying under a different partnership or company. You are prompted to ask the due diligence questions to ensure the recipient will use the grant or loan to create maximum benefit.

Enhanced Reporting

Grants-Tracker’s flexible reporting capabilities allow you to easily produce a comprehensive set of reports. This results in the correct information being available to you in your decision making.

Better Management and Communication

Grants-Tracker will allow you to manage policy and program initiatives more efficiently and ensure they are working to the best possible advantage. Being web-based allows information to be shared effectively, greatly improving communications within the organisation and to stakeholders.

Secure, Robust Application

All your information is stored in a secure and robust enterprise database application. This is far more reliable and efficient than MS Access and/or spreadsheets, where this information is commonly stored.

Spatial Data Integration

Grants-Tracker integrates with your existing spatial data sets to:

  • Enhance visualisation of grant information, through web based mapping
  • Enhance analysis of grants data through map based reporting
  • Help you identify and determine areas where referrals to other parties may be required by integrating with their spatial data sets

Grants-Tracker’s web based approach means that users will not require GIS applications on their desktop to get the information that they require about their grants.


Grants-Tracker’s modular approach allows the system to easily integrate with your existing enterprise systems. This includes but is not restricted to:

  • Your existing GIS data and GIS applications
  • Financial packages for the purposes of budgeting and controlling disbursements of grants, as well as tracking purchase orders and expenses incurred during the process of administering grants programs
  • Authentication providers such as Active Directory

Next Generation, Web-Based Systems

Grants-Tracker’s web interface makes it very user friendly. This ensures high levels of user acceptance as it has the same look, feel and features as a normal web browser – with which nearly everyone has had exposure. Grants-Tracker is a next generation component based business system, using web technologies.

Key benefits of this technology and approach are:

  • Minimises risk through the use of structured methods
  • Focuses on business processes and needs rather than technology
  • Easily tailored to individual requirements
  • Ability to re-use components, which will lower the cost and shorten delivery time if additional functionality is required
  • Portability – reflecting the fact that government departments restructure over time.

Being a “thin client” lowers the cost of IT support, as no software needs to be loaded onto PCs. As long as the user has access to a web browser, they can access the system.


Grants-Tracker’s approach to grants management recognises each grants program has its own workflow and data requirements. At the core of Grants-Tracker is a configurable workflow engine which allows you to configure the software to keep up with the changing business requirements, policy, legislation changes, etc.