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The next-generation management tool for the complete and sophisticated administration of planned and unplanned plant infestations or introduced species incidents

Recently implemented within Queensland’s Parks and Wildlife Service – a division of the Department of Environment and Science – Biodiversity-Tracker™ manages all aspects of infestation occurring across Queensland’s protected areas and state forests.

Biodiversity-Tracker™ allows a single point of entry on the web, providing visibility of up-to-the-moment information

As communication between Parks and Wildlife Services and other agencies is pivotal for strategic coordination, this information must be shared across agencies and locations in real-time.

  • Biodiversity-Tracker™ is spatially enabled, having proven to be the most effective way to view ever-changing pest plan proposals and programs
  • Via robust measurement and reporting, Biodiversity-Tracker™ is focused on Key Performance Indicators
  • Biodiversity-Tracker™ is capable of both replacing existing legacy systems, and integrating with existing Enterprise systems
  • Biodiversity-Tracker™ is fully configurable, effectively future-proofing an organisation for any procedural or legislative changes that may occur
  • Biodiversity-Tracker™ is capable of supporting remote and offline users

Flame-Tracker™ enables biodiversity managers to seamlessly connect the various buisness processes

The completion of each process prompts further action, and generates relevant links, reminders and notifications.

  • Strategic Planning & Pest Plan
  • right arrow
  • Treatment Report & Action Plan Completion

Biodiversity-Tracker™ increases productivity and efficiency gains with:

  • An intuitive user interface which guides users through roles and workflows
  • Automated and flexible reporting
  • Configurable workflows and multi-system integration
  • Elimination of duplication and inconsistencies
  • Accessibility of knowledge and facilitation of knowledge-sharing

Case study –

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service

As one of Queensland’s largest public land managers, the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) – governed by the Department of Environment and Science – is responsible for management of biodiversity across the state, including infestation of pests such as plants or introduced species.

The challenge

After successful implementation of the ICS fire management system, Flame-Tracker™, QPWS sought a biodiversity management system to be modelled on the fire system, featuring its cutting-edge functionality and ease-of-use.

Like Flame-Tracker, the new biodiversity management system was required to reflect up-to-the moment information, and facilitate access to this information across organisations in real-time.

Other major requirements of the system were that it be:

  • Spatially-enabled
  • Configurable – effectively ‘future-proofing’ the system to allow for organisational and procedural changes
  • Capable of supporting remote users
  • Focused on Key Performance Indicators – via robust measurement and reporting
  • GIS enabled

The solution

Biodiversity-Tracker™, like Flame-Tracker, was brought to maturity as a module of the larger ICS product, Lands-Tracker, a web-based management tool developed especially to meet the needs of organisations charged with managing land and water environments for their natural values.

Lands-Tracker™ is currently in use within the Singaporean and New Zealand Governments, managing everything from Crown Land to Natural Resources.

Biodiversity-Tracker™ allows QPWS a single point of entry on the web for all users to share information and collaborate efficiently in maintaining, analysing, reporting and enquiring on key information in a timely manner.

Ultimately, the system will facilitate broader ecological considerations in a contemporary approach to biodiversity management.

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