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About us

ICS is an Australian software development company, specialising in enterprise software and advanced solutions for large organisations – particularly Government – involved in the management, measurement, planning and protection of natural values.

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Founded in the era of the internet’s infancy on an island housing ancient forests, ICS has evolved as a fusion of technological prowess with a matured social conscience.

In the backyard of the ancient forests, and on the doorstep of sites layered with cultural and historical significance – otherwise known as Tasmania – the first iteration of the flagship ICS product, Lands-Tracker, was conceived and implemented.


Our services

The suite of ICS systems provides cutting-edge tools and contemporary approaches to management, with many thousands of development hours ensuring their robustness and longevity.

As Software as a Service becomes today’s preferred method of delivery, the ICS systems bring with them the flexibility to adapt to the model, supported by an internet-length lifetime of knowledge and experience, incomparable with ‘SaaS’ competitors whose systems exist only in the cloud.

As the company matures through its third decade, its promotion of sustainability and conservation proves to be as much a result of its implementations as a mobilising force behind its work, as the wellbeing of any populace depends on the wellbeing of the ecosystems that support and sustain it.


Our values

  • Sustainability

    We harness technology to help sustain the finite resources of our planet, on which we are reliant for our very existence.

  • Commitment

    The way we commit to our clients is the way we commit to humankind: it is inherent in the systems we build and the work we do.

  • Evolution

    In our industry, it is as vital as oxygen to human life. Technology advances rapidly, and we are constantly learning, adapting, and demonstrating ingenuity.

  • Integrity

    Our systems promote transparency, accountability and a single source of truth; our business is hinged on these core principles.

  • Longevity

    We have been here since before most people had an email address, and we are not only keeping up, we are racing ahead.

  • A Holistic Approach

    Technology is no longer separate from us – it is woven into the fabric of the world in which we live; we take our obligation seriously to use it to the world’s advantage.


Our clients

We have worked with numerous government departments and agencies spanning accross the Asia-Pacific region. Explore some of our clients below and see how we helped them.

Singapore National Parks Board (NParks)

NParks is responsible for managing the entirety of Singapore’s Government Land and Streetscapes – totalling more than 9,500 hectares and inclusive of each manicured tree in the city. Since 2010, The ICS Lands-Tracker™ system has been in use as the medium through which NParks collects, shares, collates, and reports data, and enforces regulations pertaining to their parks and public spaces. With a ‘wireless eye’ on their city, they have elevated their position as a ‘city in a garden’ – their desired outcome when selecting Lands-Tracker as their management solution a decade ago.

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and Department of Conservation (DOC)

LINZ and DOC are responsible for Crown Land, property rights and geographic information, and the management of Heritage respectively. They collectively acquired the Lands-Tracker system in 2012, as a replacement for existing legacy systems within both departments that were outdated and unable to meet new legislative requirements. The system is now the single source for management of the nation’s Crown Land, and is recognised for its capability to provide New Zealand with a ‘whole of government’ solution.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS)

QPWS – a division of the state’s Department of Environment and Science – is responsible for protecting and managing marine and terrestrial parks and forests throughout the state, with a view to conserving ecosystems, preserving places of cultural heritage and minimising negative effects on the environment. In 2016, QPWS implemented the ICS system, Flame-Tracker, to manage all aspects of planned and unplanned fire across Queensland’s protected areas and state forests. Subsequently, QPWS identified a need to better manage biodiversity in cases of infestation by plants or introduced species, and procured the ICS system, Biodiversity-Tracker, modelled on Flame-Tracker™, and allowing the same ease of use, and transparency of up-to-the-moment information.

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Ian McDonald

CEO & Founder

Ian is the founder and managing director of ICS, Australia’s only land management software company. Ian has more than 21 years experience in software development and international business expansion. He was the winner of the young Australian of the year award in 2001 for his achievements in business development. He holds a Master of Business from the University of Tasmania. ICS actively manages more than $12.75 trillion worth of government assets throughout Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

John Colegrave

Founder & Chief Technical Officer

John has more than 30 years’ experience in software development. Under John’s leadership, ICS has developed pioneering techniques and methodologies for designing and building robust systems. He holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours from the University of Tasmania. John has overall responsibility for the ICS operational divisions of Research & Development, Implementation and Support. He oversees the life and development of Lands-Tracker™, Flame-Tracker™, Biodiversity-Tracker™, Grants-Tracker™ and Visit-Tracker™.


Our team

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General Manager

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Senior Analyst / Developer

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Senior Programmer

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Marketing Services Officer

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Senior Programmer

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Senior Programmer

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Senior Programmer

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Senior Programmer

Said Hasyim

Project Manager


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